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Friday, June 3, 2011

Timber Wolves

Timber wolves are the largest members of the wolf family, weighing up to 120 pounds. Today, the timber wolf only inhabits 3% of it's original territory, with most of its population conentrated in northern Minnesota with smaller packs living in Michigan and Wisconsin. They are currently protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Often misunderstood, wolves are highly evolved animals. The secret behaviors of the timber wolves are revealed in this photograph, demonstrating almost human attributes when it comes to family bonds, affection and respect.


Photograph by Jacqueline Crivello

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J Bush said...

I would love to post some of these pictures on my blog!

canis lupus said...

Love the photos, but some of the info is a little suspect. For example, when you say that timber wolves inhabit on 3% of their former range, are you talking about just the USA? Because out in the wider world that's just not the case -- for example, there are many thousands of wolves in Canada, from coast to coast.

Brenda Parks said...

Yes, that is for the USA