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Monday, February 10, 2014

Macaque in Snow

This surrealistic image was captured by Jasper Doest, winning the 2014 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year; WINNER: Creative Visions.

 Doest caught this image as a blast of cold wind blew over the hot springs of Jigokudani, central Japan, where the Macaques like to warm themselves.  The cold wind hits the hot steam rising from hot pools, creating fantastic effects.

Jaguar Mating Dance

This image brought the Joe McDonald the 2014 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award; WINNER: Behavior: Mammals McDonald captured this image on the banks of Three Brothers River in Brazil’s Pantanal.

The story behind the photo is as follows:  McDonald and others were in a boat off the riverbank when a female jaguar (left) emerged from the brush and went to the river to drink.  Soon after, a male emerged, drank and approached the female.  She attacked and backed him into the brush, but soon after, both disappeared into the jungle together to continue to mating dance.

Polar Bear Swimming Around Sea Ice

Paul Souders wins the  BBC 2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Animals in Their Environment award , for this eerie image of a polar bear swimming around ice.  Taken 30 miles off the shore of Canada, it took Souders 3 days to scout for the shot.

The biggest challenge facing Polar Bears today is the Arctic warming which limits their territory.  The melting polar and glacial ice from global warming is making it more difficult for them to hunt seals, which are their main food source.